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living together real estate


Because a real estate investment must make it possible to ensure the sustainability of your assets, we impose a code of ethics and professional conduct on each of our buyers and sellers, with the aim of guiding them in the most optimal and reassuring way possible. ..

LES IMMEUBLES CHARISMA INC. is the story of a passion that was born in the hearts of its shareholders, a human story that gives energy to radiate throughout the region. We love our job, we love real estate and we do everything we can to make you appreciate our services.  Because for us, passion is a driving force.


For several years, we have built our reputation on  rigor,  expertise and  transparency,

but also on listening, the spirit of service and the desire to surpass ourselves to accompany you.We therefore provide you with the great knowledge of our brokers regarding the real estate market and your specific needs.

It is thanks to these qualities that we can guarantee you the implementation of all the means to help you to concretize your desire of acquisition or sale.

And if we can guarantee it today, it's becauseour agency is and remains independent.

In this sense, we must be transparent through all the stages of your transaction.We are more than a simple intermediary between buyers and sellers, we support you in all possible legal and financial procedures in order to  provide you with a solution and a service, at each stage of your real estate project.


We are today at the top of the independent real estate agencies in Quebec. It is a source of great pride for us and we are aware that we would not have reached this position without you: partners, collaborators and customers.

We continue today to write this history and to live your projects.


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